Sport Bottle

Project Description

For this project our client provided us with an already developed solid model of their new sports bottle product that required a unique final design to help it stand out. By adding materials and textures to the model we were able to produce beautiful photo realistic renderings of the final product.

We presented multiple low-resolution renderings with various options for our client to choose from before we produced and delivered the final images.

Lighting and Reflections

Similar to actual photography, lighting and reflections are extremely important to the final results of a rendered image. This four panel was created using the same material and texture while adjusting the brightness and angle of the lighting for the sports bottle to help it stand out from the competition.

Material and Texture Selection

The final texture and material chosen for a product can make a huge impact on the final design. This four panel was made to show the best textures and materials that were available for our client to choose from for their final renderings. Each rendering was created with the same camera angle and lighting to help our client envision exactly how the final product would look.

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